Jun 25

Another Golfer Back in the Game Thanks to EZeeGolf


I was introduced to the  EZeeGolf club the other day as I gave a short game lesson the to a retired endodontist, Dr. Sandy.  I know you are looking at the picture above and wondering what this club has to do with your short game! This golfer was a gentleman who was actually a member at another club I worked at in the late nineties.  When we started talking about his golf game we both came to the realization our paths had crossed some 14 years ago.   What makes this story interesting is his golf game.  As any other short game lesson I do, we went to the practice green with his Sunday bag that included two wedges a putter and another devise in resting in the bag.  We discovered some minor setup flaws and ball placement glitches that we addressed to get him back on track hitting his shots closer to the hole.  Dr. Sandy was very happy with the results of the hour and couldn’t wait to get on the course.

As we walked back to the cart curiosity got the best of me and I had to ask what the other club was in his bag.  He then told me he had given up golf about ten years or so due to some arthritis issues in his right wrist.  Digging into peoples mouths for all those years doing root canal work had finally taken its toll on his wrist and he couldn’t play like he wanted to anymore.  He gave his clubs away and started looking for a new hobby since golf was not in the mix anymore.  After a few years of figuring out what to due next he was doing some internet research on disabilities and golf.  That is when he came across EZee Golf.  This company makes a golf club that propels the ball with the help of a small charge that is loaded into the head of the club.  The charge is similar to one you might use in a tool to pin a fastener into concrete.  The head of the club allows the player to dial in a yardage they want to hit and then load the charge.  Dr. Sandy addressed the ball in a traditional fashion them pulled a trigger on the grip to activate the charge and a small piston shot out the head of the club to advance the ball.

I was shocked to hear the sound and see the ball fly straight and high off the tee.  He let me try it from about 150 yards and I just laughed in amazement of the technology of this club.  Now Dr. Sandy wanted to play with his wedges so he chipped on the green and putted out.  Here is a golfer who had to give up the game ten or so years ago and now is back playing with the help of this club.  I know he probably won’t win the club championship or drop his handicap to a plus 1, but in a time when golf professionals are trying desperately to get people back to the course, Dr. Sandy figured out a great way to get back on the links.

This product is worth a look and no I am not a paid for writing this piece.  I just think the people at  www.ezeegolf.com have found something else fun for people to do as they enjoy our game.  I am going to see Dr. Sandy in a few weeks for an on the course playing lesson to see how his short game is holding up, I know his long game is in great shape.

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