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Jul 14

Junior Clinic week observations.

Working with the junior golfers on effects of loft on a clubface.

This week was our annual Morris County Player Development Junior Clinic.  We are lucky enough to have 36 holes at the facility where this takes place.  The program uses one of the 9 hole courses as the proving ground for the juniors to work on their skills. We cover basic instruction on all phases of …

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Jun 25

Who said you can’t chip? Not me.

During my chipping class today one of my students was down on her ability to hit a short shot around the green and get it close to a target.  Well I love a challenge, so we looked at her setup.  There were some subtle things that raised a red flag right away that we all …

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Jun 07

50 yards and in is were you make it happen.

This weeks clinic was on hitting shots from 50 yards and in.  Plenty of terrific observations were made by both the students and the instructor.  The first thing I noticed as I started talking about the variety of shots you can hit from the 25 yard mark was that not many of the students even …

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Apr 24

Make a big splash.

In my first Bunkers class of the year,  we came upon a few great things to keep in mind when you get into a bunker.  First, don’t panic, you can make a good aggressive swing with the right club and get positive results.  When you pick your club for this shot, take into account your …

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Apr 18

Its the next 2 or 3 shots that make the difference.

This is one of my favorite lines to discuss with my students when they take my 50 Yards an In clinic.  I have seen on the course over the years of coaching college, high school and everyday golfers like yourself that most everyone can get the ball close to the green in 2 or 3 …

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Apr 15

Chipping class that was right on.

This past Friday I held my first chipping class of the year at Flanders Valley GC.  Five students and myself all talking technique and stratedgy of the short shot around the green.  All five students brought a great attitide for the game along with many questions about their execution of the shot.  There were some …

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Mar 23

Eyeline Golf Teaching Aids

When I came across Eyeline Golf a few years ago I was coaching at college and was looking for items to help my college golfers’ work at their short game.  The Pendulum Putting Rod was the first tool I purchased for my arsenal.  I was so pleased with the quality of the product and the …

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Mar 23

Interesting short game observtions

I was out with my high school team this week practicing and took notice of amoungst other things their shortgame shot slection.  I traditionally would be advicating a lower ball flight on short chip shots around the green but many of my athletes choose a higher flighted shot to get the ball close to the …

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Mar 06

Great way to start the spring golf season!

You have come accross a new golf site that can give you terrific information on your golf game and other information that will help you understand what you are seeing on TV and at your own  golf course.  So lets get started.

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