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Golf Clinic Schedule



 SCHEDULED GOLF CLINICS for Morris County Park Commission  

         90 minute adult sessions/ $45 ~ junior sessions /$35

September  Golf Instructional Schedule

Mike Andrusin, PGA Golf Professional



973-697-1041 to sign up

Sunset Valley

9/8 Junior Chipping/ Putting 4-5:30pm
9/22 Chipping 12-1:30pm
9/29 Chipping 5-6:30pm

Flanders Valley

9/3 Putting 5:30-7pm
9/11 Pitching 5:30-7pm
9/18 Chipping 5-6:30pm
9/25 Pitching 5-6:30 pm

Pinch Brook

9/4 Chipping 5:30-7pm
9/10 Putting 5-6:30pm
9/30 Putting 5-6:30pm

Berkshire Valley

9/6 Full Swing 12-1:30pm
9/16 Full Swing 5-6:30pm
9/28 Full Swing 12-1:30pm

Women On Course Clinic/ Play

Sept 9  at Berkshire Valley


  Make our golf courses your classroom.

              All clinics will discuss grip, stance, posture and alignment of all the shots needed for the session and students will have the opportunity work with the instructor for a period of time.

Full Swing:    Classes take place at Berkshire Valley GC range .  Discussion and demonstration includes the effects of club path and face angle on ball flight.  Students should be prepared to hit balls for the majority of the clinic time.  Each player will get to work with the Instructor.

Putting:  Classes take place at all four MCPC courses.  Topics of discussion include the evolution of the golf ball and how that changed makeup of the putter.  Also covered is some basic green reading and each players own pre- shot routine and execution.

Chipping:   Classes take place at all four MCPC courses.  Topics discussed include what to look for when making your club selection to achieve the shot you are looking for.  Majority of instruction takes place just a few yards off the putting surface.

Bunkers:   Classes take place at all four MCPC courses.  All instruction takes place where possible  in greenside bunkers.  Topics of discussion includes the design of the wedge and how the shot out of the sand is executed.  Students will hit shots to at least three different length targets.

50 yards and In:  Classes take place at Flanders, Sunset Valley and Pinch Brook.  All instruction and practice takes place on the course.  Shots to be discussed, demonstrated and practiced take place from 15, 30 and 50 yards out from the green in the fairway and rough with focus on varied trajectories and reactions of the ball once it makes contact with the turf.

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