Aug 18

FedEx Cup Time of the Year

The FedExCup playoffs are about to begin this week in New Jersey at The Barclays, hosted by Ridgewood Country Club.  The PGA Tour has turned their end of the year race into a very interesting sprint for the next 27 days.  After accumulating points all season long for their tournament finishes, the top 125 players get a chance to continue the season in the FedExCup Playoffs.  Those top players will be coming to northern New Jersey to play this weekend.  The top 100 players move to Boston for the next round with a Labor Day Monday finish to see who qualifies for in the top 70 spots the following week in Chicago.  The Chicago event is a no cut tournament so all players play 72 holes in order to get the top 30 players to the Tour Championship in Atlanta, September 11 -14.  The seeding of the field is reset for the final event in Atlanta so that the top players in the playoffs have a better chance of being recognized as the FedExCup winner.  So really the winner of the Tour Championship event may not be the FedExCup winner depending on the point accumulated in previous weeks.  I know it all sounds like crazy math and there will certainly be plenty of projections the next 27 days to forecast the winners.  The whole idea is really neat though.  The PGA Tour is trying to capitalize on the whole football playoff angle and I get that.  It has been a long summer for some the players and the next 27 days will be jammed pack for the top guys.  Add to that the Ryder Cup takes place next month as well.

I have a special place in my heart for Ridgewood Country Club.  My first real job in golf was on the grounds crew for the 1990 Senior Open won by Lee Trevino.  I was just about to finish college and a local businessman knew the Golf Course Superintendent at the time and introduced me.  I was 21 years old and drove my beater 1970 Chevy Nova down Rt. 208 every morning at 5:30 am to get to golf course where i was cutting greens, laying sod, shaving bunker banks and just about everything else that needed to be done.  That championship week was something I will always remember.  Looking back that was the one of those best – worst summer job I ever had.

At this year’s Barclays I will be volunteering to work the Practice Area for the NJPGA.  I always like to get behind the ropes when a Tour event comes to New Jersey to see what the players are doing.  It looks like the event is really trying to add some buzz for the spectators this year with the addition of food trucks onsite, equipment truck visits, a 19th hole lounge and a behind the scenes expo.  I know its a tough time of year for some, with kids going to college, local high school sports in full practice, NFL preseason games and heck the Little League World series is only two and half hours away.  This is a special time when you can see the reigning PGA Champion Rory McIlroy at the height of his game challenge one of the great courses in this area.  It is going to be a great week!

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