Mar 11

Patrick Reed Collects Third Win at Doral

Associated Press Photo

I know I am a little late to the post on this one but I had to wait to hear the chatter on Patrick Reed collecting his third career win at  the WGC  Doral this weekend.  For the books Reed joined the likes of Sergio, Phil, Rory and Tiger with three wins before turning 24 years old and he hasn’t played in a Major yet.  Reed took on a windy and water filled golf course in the newly redesigned Trump Doral and came away making an eagle, 15 birdies and only one double bogey on the third hole of his second round to shoot 4-under par 284 and win by one.  Considering there were over 250 balls in the water this week Reed navigated Doral pretty smoothly I think.

There was talk on sports radio today about the way he played the 18th by hitting 5 iron off the tee and playing to make bogey and how Tiger or Phil would have never played it so safe.   With a two shot lead you have the luxury to play the 18th how you like it.  I remember watching Johnny Miller limp it up the 18th at Pebble Beach in 1994 to win by one shot. Who cares how it looks just get it done.

There was plenty of blow back on the “I think I am a top 5 player in the world” comment.  Right now he may puff out his chest and he has every right to say and think that.  His confidence is sky high and he is a super talent who had Monday qualified himself into being more than a credible player.  Now the real test begins at The Masters, The Players and the US Open.  This win at the WGC opens up more opportunities for him to play on the grand stage in the television pairings.  No more flying under the radar.  You would think having a baby and supporting his family at 23 year old would be enough to deal with now his play has to cash the check his mouth wrote.  More to follow here, Ryder Cup team look out!

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