Jun 08

PGA Junior League at Flanders Valley

IMG_0424The Flanders Valley Golf Course has jumped into one of the fast growing junior golf programs in the country, PGA Junior League. This initiative has been growing since its inception as a pilot program in 2011 where it was rolled out in four select markets.  Now the participation has grown to over 9000 kids and over 740 teams in North America.  The Junior League matches up  local teams from geographical friendly golf clubs to play four – nine hole matches in a two person scramble format using match play scoring. Inside each of that nine hole matches every three holes creates a new competition, so each nine hole match is worth three points. There is a divisional schedule of home and home matches that is played through July then playoff start with a team made up from a group of players from within your division.  There is a Regional then a National Championship at stake as well.

Our Flanders Valley team just started this season but not without tremendous enthusiasm.  We filled out our roster with 15 players and began practice in the middle of May.  Once the schedule was set and our jerseys arrived we knew the fun was really going to begin.   Last night, Sunday June 7, the inaugural tee shots were struck and we got the 2015 season under way on the Blue course at Flanders Valley.   It was exciting to see all the faces around the first tee, on the parents  as well as their 9-13 year old golfers.

As I toured the matches as in my official coaching duties I  heard all about the great shots and how this person is carrying our team and how this player is putting lights out.  The enthusiasm for the game of golf and their teammates was something we all had hoped would develop and it certainly did.  As I waited by the last green to tally the scores it was great to see each group take off their hats, shake hands and exit the green and come over to the scoreboard and recount all the evenings high points.  Our Flanders Valley team was fortunate enough to notch a 6.5 to 5.5 victory over Somerset Hill.  I couldn’t have asked for a better performance from both squads.  We all know it is tough to go to a course and play to your potential on demand,  now imagine that for a bunch of 9 to 13 year olds.  On to Somerset Hill for our next match.




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