Feb 06

PGA Pros Favorite Golf Training Aids


The 63rd edition of the  PGA Merchandise Show wrapped up last week at the Orlando County Convention center in Florida.  Now if you didn’t have the opportunity to go the show or watch what goes on during the Golf Channel’s Morning Drive show last week, you are not alone.  Let me tell you though just because you didn’t go to  Orlando doesn’t mean you will miss getting your hands on some of the terrific golf training aids  that are made available through the various golf teaching aid companies that were in attendance.

 One of my favorite companies to work with that has all the time tested aids that I use to help my students reach their golfing potential is Golf Around the World.   In 2001 my first purchase was the 2’x4′ Teaching & Training Mirror which I still use today.  Their website, www.GolfTrainingAids.com is a referenence that I have used and are happy to recommend to my students and readers.  I am now excited to offer you a 10% discount on any of their items on their site by opening  the link above or below and proceeding through checkout.

If you wish to talk with the customer services reps at Golf Around the World you can call 1-800-FOR-GARY.  Give them my personal discount code of  224270 and you will still get the 10% off on your items.

The tools below and their hyperlinks are some of the items that are in my arsenal:


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