Oct 06

Ryder Cup Fallout

The Ryder Cup 2014 In Pictures

Opening Ceremonies at 40th Ryder Cup. Toby Melville/REUTERS

My 16 year old son asked me why do we always loose the Ryder Cup?  I had to laugh when I explained that there was a time the U.S squad was the favorite and rolled over the Euro side.  Not anymore.  Oh how times have changed.  The Euro squad beat the U.S. side pretty soundly last  weekend in the 40th version of the Ryder Cup.  The better side won that weekend.  Their best players made more putts and survived under the home course pressure to secure the trophy for another two years.

The PGA of America and the PGA Tour players will have to figure out what to do next.  I really thought Ted Bishop was on to something picking Tom Watson and hoping his same magic from 1993 would reappear.   Things have changed in 20 years.  After watching Jurgen Klinsmann and his U.S. World Cup Team produce without their best scorer Landon Donovan, I thought without Tiger, Dustin and Dufner our Ryder Cup Team would have a great chance to get younger.  I think we did this with Rickie, Jordan, and Patrick.   I can’t figure out the whole Bubba experience though.  Bubba Watson looked and played disinterested the whole time.  Enough with this Bubba being Bubba stuff, he has to play like a major champion.  Bubba looked like he couldn’t wait to get out of there.  Making one of the captain’s pick Webb Simpson his personal playing partner then sitting Simpson after one session didn’t make sense either.  Isn’t your captain’s pick supposed to be an asset?

Jim Furyk, Matt Kuchar, Hunter Mahan and Zach Johnson are all good players but would they push you aside to get to a team point.  Jimmy Walker showed plenty of ability as a rookie who played five matches.  That leaves us with Phil.  He was very eloquent is his explanation of why the U.S side wasn’t victorious at the press conference.  I don’t think that was the time or place to give that speech.  Phil’s remarks always have a purpose though.

After reading all the post event articles online and even in Sports Illustrated, it’s evident there was a huge disconnect on the U.S. squad.  Reports of Capt. Watson’s behavior behind the scenes proved  there was friction with the team members.  Players not being included in the pairings discussion was a huge bone of contention.  Then there was talk of the ignored pod system that was successful at  previous Ryder Cups.  This generation of player did not like the “just play better” attitude of Capt. Watson.  One thing for sure is that the PGA of America and PGA Tour members must get their act together and come to a meeting of the minds.  The two sides must work with each other to find that missing elements of how to pick payers and  future captains to be get their hands on the Ryder Cup at Hazeltine in 2016.

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