Feb 05

Winter Golf with SNAP and the NJGF


The New Jersey Golf Foundation is the charitable arm of the New Jersey Section of the PGA of America.  The foundation has a slogan that reads   “Impacting lives & communities through golf.” I like to think I am a little part of that every time there is a need for golf instruction in areas that aren’t always in traditional settings.  Well one of those opportunities came to me this winter.  Special Needs Athletic Programs (SNAP, Inc.) and the NJ Golf Foundation put on a golf instructional program  starting in December and it  finished this past week.  The program took place on Wednesday nights for two hours in an elementary school not to far from my house.

Myself, fellow PGA Professional Chris McDermott along with Greg Zohovetz from the NJPGA office and program supervisor Ben Rhodes were involved with the instruction.  Ben works with the other numerous SNAP sports programs that run year round.  He also acted as the program supervisor to all the high school volunteers who came to the five sessions to mentor the junior golfers.  Chris and I got the chance to instruct the juniors on how to best advance the ball to a target using SNAG golf equipment and each of their specific skill sets.

It seemed that during every Wednesday session we got some terrific response from the golfers as they showed off their ability.  So many laughs, smiles and high fives were coming from the gym it made me think how much fun we all were having teaching golf  and learning about each other.  On more than one occasion the parents of the juniors expressed their happiness about their child learning a new skill.  Even during these cold winter months we are going through it is terrific to see the energy of so many young golfers as they advance a ball and learn about what they can do playing golf.



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