Oct 28

Ted Bishop Removed as President of PGA

40th Ryder Cup Opening Ceremony

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Ted Bishop was removed as the 38th President this past Friday by the PGA of America Board of Directors for insensitive gender-based statements posted yesterday on social media. The Board deemed the remarks to be inconsistent with the policies of the PGA.  That was the jist of the email I received as a PGA Member on my home email at 7:05pm on Friday October 24 that I didn’t get to read until Saturday October 25.

As I sat down to read the New York Times and eat my oatmeal Saturday morning I noticed a small Associated Press brief the was titled “PGA Official Ousted”.  I couldn’t believe what I was reading and need to get some clarification.  I checked my email and then texted our District Director Dan Pasternak and Vice Chair of the PGA Rules Committee Bryan Jones and they both confirmed what had happened.  The news was difficult to believe that a high ranking official in the PGA of America would not know the repercussions of using social media to vent his frustrations.  I could not wait to hear Dan’s report at our New Jersey PGA Sectional meeting today, Monday October 27, 2014.

Dan Pasternak has a unique position as he represents the New Jersey, Philadelphia and Met Sections of the PGA at Board Meeting for PGA National business.   When his term is up in a year another golf professional from the Met Section will take over the duty of representing the three sections in all PGA business.   Dan informed the members in the room that week Ted Bishop was offered an option to resign as President at an emergency Board of Directors meeting.  Bishop refused and stated his case to remain in his elected post until his term would expire at the PGA National Meeting on November 22 of this year.  The PGA Constitution states that 2/3 majority vote would be needed to remove Bishop.  The vote did not come back in Bishops favor.  Bishop will lose his perks of being a Past President but will keep all the privileges of being a PGA Member.

It is hard to believe all this fallout is from the Ryder Cup.  Bishop made some remarks pertaining to Ian Poulter and the Ryder Cup experience.   Bishop has been the face of golf and the PGA for his 23 month presidency.  Making a splash by taking a stand on the anchoring issue last year and picking Tom Watson as the American Captain for the Ryder Cup were two items front and center in Bishops legacy,  unfortunately the events of the last few days maybe what he is remembered for the most.

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